Ripper EP

by Hotel Murder

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Horror movie inspired punk rock by your favourite wannabe serial killers...


released August 3, 2018

Alex Spence - Vocals/Guitar
Nick MacDougall - Drums
Faraz Jabbari - Bass

All songs written and produced by Hotel Murder


all rights reserved



Hotel Murder Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Creep
I cannot hide, this feeling that I have inside
Don’t be afraid, there is nowhere to run this time
It’s no surprise, you have the prettiest eyes
You’re out of time, now I am gonna make you mine

I’ll make you suffer
I can’t believe, that I got you to meet with me
Now that I have you, I’m never gonna let you go

You’re so pretty, You’re so pretty
I can’t believe, I got you to meet with me
Now that I have you, I’m never gonna let you go

Wont let you go!

When I first saw you online, you were the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen
You gave me the attention I deserve, and I could always make you smile.
But then something happened, what is something that I said?
You wouldn’t return my calls/texts; how can you do that to me?
Shhh, there! there! don’t scream, It’ll all be over soon
Y’know…I thought you we’re different
but you’re just like the rest of them

If I can’t have you, red hot pokers in your eyes
If I can’t have you, I’ll let you bleed out this time
If I can’t have you, I will show you your insides
Track Name: Full Circle
Don’t wake up, there is no walking out the door
You could try, but you know that you have seen this place before

Don’t forget, turn on your phone its all the same
Out of breath, you know that you will never see your friends again

Cause all the roads they lead right back to you
When all is said and done, and you think you’ve though it through

Feels like that this was really wasn’t meant to be
It always comes around full circle, staring fucking back at me

Watch the clock, nothing to lose I’m not okay
Out of luck, tie the noose cause I’m reliving the same day

Take a step, into the dark don’t be afraid
Just regret, knowing that you… only have yourself to blame

I’m never gonna be like you
Something deep inside of me, it tells me the unpainted truth
You’re never gonna be like me
But there’s no escaping this never ending possibility
Track Name: Ripper
A grand job that last one, I thought It be enough
A long knife so silvery, the blade was nice and sharp
Where will my lust send me, no one will ever know
Among the filth of people, I make that thick blood flow

No I wont stop

Take the knife to the skin
And keep pushing the blade in, till it breaks off

You don’t have a pulse, and your pillow is all red
There was no way of knowing, I would kill you in the end
White Chapel repulses all women of your kind
So ill clean up the mess they call the vermin and the slime
Track Name: Free Range Elite
Another prisoner of society I’m sure
I wanna kill the rich and feed them to the poor
They’ve got the money, power, fame, they feel secure

There is a little voice that lives inside my head
Tells me to do the things my mind can’t comprehend
This isn’t one of them, the rich they should be dead.

A construct of guilt and shame
Of course we’re not the, ones to blame
Society, famine and fame
To me the rich they’re, all free range

We sow the seed for them, and they reap the reward
A culture broken, empty, righteous, self absorbed
They’ve taken everything, and still they just want more

They’ll even take your country if they feel the need
Subliminally repress our youth till they agòree
Its time to take a stand and bite the hand that feeds
Track Name: Goodbye, Goodnight
You piss me off, all the time
I’d rather put a bullet in my head, than hear another word
You’re wrong, and I am right
Maybe I will take the pill our family doctor gave me
But a lot, and win the fight
We could talk about it, but we always end up shouting
So let’s not, and say good night.
I’ll walk into the ocean and keep going till I’m drowning

No one can see you when you’re fighting for your life
I try to hide it, but deep down I know that isn’t right

It’s suicide, wishing I was dead
Suicide, deep inside my head
Suicide, cutting my wrists
Suicide, I’m so done with this

I WANT TO END IT ALL, no help line left to call, gone to the shopping mall
No one can see you when you’re hiding
There’s no use why keep on fighting
I don’t care, life isn’t fair, I cannot bare it!

It’s suicide, deep inside my head
Suicide, now I’m almost dead
Suicide, turning out the lights
Suicide, good bye, good night

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